Yorkshire Lean Meat

Yorkshire Lean Meat, multi award winning online butchers that produce all their own stock with the highest animal welfare procedures up in North Yorkshire.
I have sampled a splendid selection of Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken. As you know I love my food especially really top notch food. I have been enjoying their produce at home with my good lady and have to say without any doubt at all it is the very best meat and poultry I have ever eaten.
Not only is their produce sensational, so is their customer service and delivery fulfilment, they deliver to your door in special chiller boxes Nationwide, its magic.
I urge you to take a good look at their website https://www.yorkshireleanmeat.co.uk/ and get an order in along with some of my fine wines.


Telephone: 01937 326004

Email: sales@yorkshireleanmeat.co.uk

For any other information please contact charlie@foreverthirsty.co.uk or call Charlie on 07771 510052


Forever Thirsty


Yorkshire Lean Meat

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