Our virtual Wine Tasting Events take the form of a fun, though informative quiz (with plenty of clues!), incorporating a blind tasting selected from some of the world’s best independent and specialist growers from our list of over 300 wines.

The format of the tasting is free-flowing and very sociable, looking at the different grapes used, a brief history, the styles and a review of the wine producing countries.  We explore some of the finest wines, we learn and we have fun!  Why not arrange a corporate online Zoom wine tasting with Charlie or get a bunch of your besties together and have a fun evening!

If you are interested in holding an event, please email Charlie at charlie@foreverthirsty.co.uk or call on 07771 510052 or alternatively drop us a note using the enquiry form below.

Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon of wine tasting and comment. Your passion and love for wine is obvious, and your knowledge is excellent!

Sir Alex Ferguson CBE

The tasting evening was fantastic, everyone keeps talking about it and wanting to know when we can have another, so see you soon.

Steve Radcliffe

Clugston Group

At his latest wine bluffing evening Charlie cleverly hid his tasting competencies with a serious of hilarious mis-truths about the wines presented. He is a natural performer and had the audience in stitches with his unique mixture of humour and wine knowledge.

Craig Chaplin

Charlie came to our house to run a wine tasting event. Our idea was to have a few friends round so they could get to know each other a bit better and we thought a wine tasting would be a good idea.  However we had a fantastic experience because the wine tasting was not only educational it was great fun. Charlie is a straight talking wine expert and made us all think about the wine we bought and so many of us have changed our wine buying habits as a result. I can thoroughly recommend you get Charlie to run something for you.

Brian Williamson


This weekend we were talking with friends, who came to the wine tasting last year at Dene Farm, about highlights of 2012 and they brought up how much they enjoyed the wine tasting and what a great job you did to bring colour and interest to it. They are not the first to have told us what fun it was and how much the evening was enjoyed. As host you don’t always enjoy your own gathering but Judith and I would like to thank you for a splendid memorable wine tasting and guided tour of interesting wines. It was so well done we had no worries just a lovely experience.

John Woodget

“Charlie held wine tasting at the North Staffs and Chester Nuffield Hospitals recently. Charlie has a delightful mix of personal charm and great wine knowledge, and his passion for his product makes for a very enjoyable evening. We tasted some great wines from both the old and the new worlds and I know that my colleagues and the hospital consultants thoroughly enjoyed the event. We are rebooking again for this year..!”

Simon Shepherd

General Manager, Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital

“Charlie has a unique blend of charisma, good humour and insight when it comes to talking about wine, so he was the obvious choice to host a recent wine tasting evening for one of our key clients. Charlie is a consummate professional who ran an entertaining and hugely successful event for us. I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Stephen Hadlow

Partner, JMW Solicitors LLP

“I would definitely recommend this type of event, Charlie is a superb host, he is entertaining, knows his wines, and it was such fun tasting them!”

Linda Kirby

Liaison Officer SPIRE Washington Hospital

“At his latest wine bluffing evening Charlie cleverly hid his tasting competencies with a serious of hilarious mis-truths about the wines presented. He is a natural performer and had the audience in stitches with his unique mixture of humour and wine knowledge.”

Craig Chaplin

“I found Charlie’s approach extremely entertaining and he has taken a lot of the mystery out of wine for me. The wines were excellent and following the tasting I have become a regular customer. With each case I have ordered I have asked for a new wine to try on his recommendation. He hasn’t let me down yet as each has been superb. I look forward to continuing to do business with you and discovering even more superb wines.”

Andrew Connolly

South Manchester Entrepreneurs

“Charlie’s wit and charm went down a storm at Renacres Hospital as he treated GPs and Consultants to a very entertaining and pleasurable evening. Despite it being such a wet wintry night the turnout was excellent, obviously Charlie’s reputation went before him! Charlie created the perfect setting and atmosphere that appealed to our Consultant and GP Colleagues. The jovial atmosphere was enhanced by the delightful wines which contributed to a very successful networking event that was enjoyed by all.”

Clare O’ Brien

P.A to Hospital Manager / Matron, Renacres Hospital

“What can I say – it was an absolutely fantastic evening, Charlie certainly knows his stuff. Everyone enjoyed the evening and what a great way to try wines you would not normally think to buy. At the end of the evening we all proclaimed to be wine connoisseurs and are certainly looking forward to the next event!! Would not hesitate to recommend Charlie to anyone – truly enjoyable!”

Kath Fishwick

Capio Healthcare UK Capio Oaklands Hospital

“Please send my thanks to Charlie for what was a very professionally demonstrated and entertaining evening with great wines and a fantastic host… the blind champagne tasting went down marvellously. I’m more than happy to recommend your wines and services, particularly for corporate entertainment.”

Lucy O’Neill

PR Consultant The Rooms Wilmslow

Finding Charlie the Wine has totally revolutionised my wine experience. I haven’t bought a bottle from a supermarket shelf in months!  Why would I? His expert knowledge and bespoke service of matching wine to my preference and budget means I never have a bad bottle anymore! Just pick a style, region, grape or any other preference – be as specific or non-specific as you like and Charlie fills in the blanks! I love receiving my bespoke case at the doorstep – Overnight delivery too!“  Thanks Charlie, absolutely loving this service!

Cheers – forever thirsty!

Mark Jones

Charlie has transformed my entire relationship with wine. He has challenged me to experience wines I would never buy (or even consider). He has brought his joy, knowledge and passion for wine into my home and I can’t thank him enough. Professional, charming and challenging, Charlie has been a ray of sunshine during the darkness of lockdown and I will NEVER need to buy wine in a supermarket or off licence ever again! (the Charlie case arrival is one of the joys of life!)

Ed Rusling

CEO, Wound Care People/JCN (Journal of Community Nursing)/GPN (Journal of General Practice Nursing)

I have only recently started ordering wine from Charlie but what a game changer it has turned out to be! The selections are always excellent within the budget set and some intriguing options in every case that I wouldn’t necessarily select myself – a recent case of Austrian wines being a perfect example. I’ve been introduced to some new wines that have already become firm favourites. I would absolutely recommend Charlie to become your new wine man! Thanks Charlie.

Dave Jones

Charlie was recommended to me by a friend and he’s introduced me to some wonderful wines I would never have chosen before. I simply told Charlie what I like in a wine and my favourite grapes, gave him a budget and he did the rest – all delivered to my door a couple of days later. Fabulous wines and a fantastic, friendly service – I can highly recommend!

All the best

Paul Littler

Thank you so much for arranging and hosting the wine tasting for the Taverners. We really do appreciate you reaching out to help raise some money in these challenging times as well as provide a light hearted entertaining evening for some of our supporters. I thought that went very well.

Let’s hope we can get back into the live setting soon too.

Lord’s Taverners

It was brilliant. We both enjoyed it very much and the exchanges between David Gower and Charlie were great fun.

A Lord’s Taverners Event

Thank you for a wonderful wine tasting last night, it was held so well. David Gower had some wonderful stories to tell and your host was so knowledgeable.

He gave us time to drink, flavour and enjoy the wines with no rushing unlike some tasting nights we have had. Thank you once again.

A Lord’s Taverners Event

Thanks for arranging the wine tasting last night, it was a wonderful evening and I thought that Charlie and David were a great double act.

A Lord’s Taverners Event

A very enjoyable evening. Looking forward to a face to face event.

A Lord’s Taverners Event

What a great evening it was. What with Charlie and David Gower we did not lack for entertaining chat and stories – the wines were good too!

A Lord’s Taverners Event

Thank you for a very entertaining and informative evening.  It was all very enjoyable.  All wines we would be happy to drink regularly.  Gewürztraminer is in my experience a bit of a minefield – many producers but far fewer of quality.  Yours chilled right down is excellent.  I never thought of pairing it with curry but it would be ideal with a Madras or stronger.  We particularly enjoyed the Rose.

A Lord’s Taverners Event