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There are always defining moments in time that can affect the outcome of history in any field of life.

Growth in trading and drinking of wine can reasonably be traced back to the Assyrians, and this has made a
massive contribution to the economic growth of many countries over a period of many centuries.

We all enjoy a glass of wine at the appropriate time of day with friends and family. It is one of life’s real pleasures.
But do we really know much about it and are we keen to learn a little more?

Would it enhance our pleasure if we knew what grape we were drinking and perhaps a little more about the
country of origin and a little history of the country itself.

What I love about wine is how it encompasses so many of those subjects that we were taught at school but
(in my case) barely took in – geography, geology, history, religion, economics and biology are all vital parts of the
jigsaw of wine.

If we understand just a little of these then hey presto we are well on our way to unwrapping a lot of the snobbery
and mythology of what’s in our glasses!

Let’s face it we all know a little about our favourite tipple, but how prepared are we to venture from our usual
reliable red, white or Rose and to experiment with something new.

How many times have we all heard “never heard of it”, “the label looks awful”, “I’m not spending 10 quid on a
bottle of wine” or “it must be rubbish if it’s only a fiver”!

Sound familiar? Well I might just have a solution!

Have you ever considered a blind wine tasting at home with a group of like minded friends or an event at your office
with invited clients and the chance to share business opportunities with potential or existing customers?
It’s a great way of tasting new, interesting wines and to dispel many of the associated myths.

If you fancy a wine tasting event please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For any other information please contact or call Charlie on 07771 510052


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